Monday, 2 January 2017

Alexx Ekubo Is Ndubuisi In His 1st Igbo film

Alexx Ekubo looking dapper
Alexx Ekubo is making his first appearance in an Igbo film as the character Ndubuisi, alongside the talented Oge Okoye. "The First Lady" actor, Alexx Ekubo is starring in his first all Igbo movie.

The upcoming movie which stars him alongside Oge Okoye, features him as the character Ndubuisi, a young man motivated by greed. Says he: "I'm super excited about this Shoot, its an ALL IGBO movie (My 1st), i play the character Ndubuisi an easily mis-guided young man who is motivated by greed & want for money, along the line he meets Sarah played by@ogeokoye who tries to beat him at his game, will she Succeed ?!!#WatchThisSpace," the actor wrote.
Alexx Ekubo looking dapper in all black

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